A watering place in the desert

Fertile ground where you can grow

Oasis Christian Fellowship Registered Charity  No 1017350

OASIS Church  © 2015 Quotes
Our aims
“I love being with you all in a place where everyone is free to be themselves!”
We aim to welcome and bless everyone - leaving space for Gods power to free and change lives!
“I seriously tried to end my life twice  -  now I am happy and I choose life!
“It's good to see people changing when they regularly come to Oasis, sometimes they come and look 'dead' and after a while a smile begins to become evident as they discover not only that God loves them but that the church folk do too.”
“I was trusted to run an Alpha course and have 'come alive' and excited about my faith.”
“I've been unemployed for seven years due to drugs &  illness  - now I am free from drugs and have a job and am really fulfilled.”
“I used to do everything to please others just to get accepted - but now I am free to be myself.”
“Nothing normally happens in church  -  but it does at Oasis -  people get set free to be who God made them to be.”
“I am trusted to prepare meals for Alpha courses & love it  - I always felt inferior before but now I am  valued.”
“Oasis is a ‘free range’ church!”
“Our marriage is getting healed since we came to Oasis.”