A watering place in the desert

Fertile ground where you can grow

Oasis Christian Fellowship Registered Charity  No 1017350

OASIS Church  © 2015 Our aims Quotes
Our Purpose:
To worship God and bring people to wholeness.

WORSHIP - to worship with our whole being. We desire Spirit enabled worship with the presence of God with us, in a style that is dynamic, relevant and life changing.

BIBLE - we want to hear the Bible taught in a practical, simple, inspiring way, in conjunction with God’s current prophetic word. We aim to be doers of the word.

FELLOWSHIP - to accept
and care for each other in
the way Jesus modelled
and commanded.

MINISTRY - we want to
practice the ‘priesthood of
all believers’, by doing the
works of Jesus in the
world today, through prayer
& directly through the
leading of the Holy Spirit.