A watering place in the desert

Fertile ground where you can grow

‘The Lost Son’  Bob Dunnett

‘Do not be afraid - keep on believing’  Bob Dunnett

‘Waiting!’  Sue Harvey

‘Jesus didn't come to condemn you - but to mend you’ Rob Hooper

‘Do not let your hearts be troubled - believe in me’ Bob Dunnett

‘I am a new creation’  Bob Dunnett

‘Good Foundations’  (Believers Baptisms) Rob Hooper

‘A New Birth’ Bob Dunnett

‘God’s Word’  Sue Harvey

‘Delight yourself in the Lord’  Rob Hooper

‘Offence’ Graham Vallis

‘The Blessings of God - for You’  Margaret Hooper

‘In the beginning - it was good’ Rob Hooper (Believers Baptisms)

‘Heaven is our home’ Margaret Hooper

‘Priesthood of all believers’ Rob Hooper

‘Gods Covenants’ Sue Harvey

HEALING - 'You do it - in my name'  Rob Hooper

Life in Jesus’ Margaret Hooper

‘The Compassion of Jesus’  Steve Rayment

'Baptism of the Ethiopian' 1 - (Believers Baptisms)  Bob Dunnett

‘Baptism of the Ethiopian’ 2 - (Believers Baptisms)  Bob Dunnett

‘Who do you say I am?’  Rob Hooper

‘Philip the Evangelist’  Bob Dunnett

‘Be Encouragers’ Margaret Hooper

‘Breaking Chains’ Rob Hooper

‘Baptism - 3 steps’  (Believers Baptisms) Bob Dunnett

‘Trust’ Sue Harvey

‘Another Baptism - in the Holy Spirit’  Bob Dunnett

‘Baptism in the Holy Spirit?’ Asking - Believing - Seeking’   Rob Hooper

‘From Death to Resurrection’ (Believers Baptisms) Bob Dunnett

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Life in the War Zone

Bob Dunnett

‘Life in the War Zone’ part 1

‘Life in the War Zone’ part 2

‘Life in the War Zone’ part 3